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L.A. Hearts God

Los Angeles Hearts God- 4 Christians
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A new community I created for anyone who likes to laugh, hearts Jesus, and likes to meet new people and be encouraged. This community is open to anyone-I am a new moderator, so feel free to give me feedback. L.A. Hearts God...We LOVE GOD!! This is a community for Christians in the Los Angeles area. (or around the L.A area) If you want to discuss upcoming church activities feel free to post..if you are a Christian and work in the entertainment industry and want to discuss stuff-Post...This is a NEW COMMUNITY...We need to unite, pray for Hollywood, encourage one another- We need to build each other up and grow from each others experiences. New in town (like me?) -I am hoping this site can bring us together and Unite the body of Christ. Feel free to post a word, praise, prayer request, something funny that happened to you today, your testimony, any questions, or comments. And by that I mean, post anything! As long as you HEART GOD! I hope we can laugh a thousand laughs together-and help uplift and support each other in our daily struggles, and dreams.... Please join the community and have fun!
This is not a board that will tolerate profanity
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