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First day on my new job...

So today was the first day at my new job working in Hollywood. Breaking my way into the business...On the road to getting discovered..yes, I am the new receptionist...
This was the big moment of the day. 4 years of college, 5 hours of training. And the phone rings.
"__name of company____ this is Jenny" I say in my professional phone voice that I've been practicing over the weekend.
"Hi Jenny, this is Kevin is Rob in?"
"Yes one second please." I frantically press buttons trying to find the owner of the company, Rob. When I couldn't locate him I have to go public and page him dramatically over the PA system for EVERYONE to hear. And by everyone I mean, my idol who edits Northern Exposure, the producers of My Big Fat Fiancee, the hot guy editing the Yoga video, and all the other randoms...
I do a little cough...press the buttons so Im over the speaker "Rob, you have a line on call one.." (then I think, oh wait I said that wrong..) then I laugh and say "ohhh crap" mumbled under my breathe..
Two minutes later northern exposure comes up "Call on line one, nice touch-and the laugh..good job"

So my big break into the business..my big first day at a real job...yeah, I didn't do that great..haha. But I did find it rather humorous.

Hope everyone had a great day. Trying to start coverstaion-does anyone else have funny/scary/random first day of work stories?
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